Chicago is my kind of town!

The third largest city in the the United States and located in the middle of the country, Chicago offers diverse communities, and architecture that is world renowned;  fine theater, arts and museums; and a boundless energy sure to amaze!  It is has a lakefront unsurpassed in its beauty and offers public parks, running and biking paths, tennis and golf.

Chicago has been referred to as the Windy City, the City That Works, but perhaps its most enduring name is The City of Neighborhoods! The neighborhoods each with their diversity, and personality offer distinct housing styles, new development, amenities and a cache all of their own.

The city, laid out on a grid with its center being State and Madison; a dividing point for both east and west, north and south respectively. It is a city to get around so easily, with one of the best public transportation systems, adjacent expressways and walking neighborhoods.

You are sure to find your home in this City of Neighborhoods!