January 2008 Events

Well Happy New Year...another year...
A fresh new start...Any resolutions????

I will be taking events and happenings to my new blog...chicagopremierhomes.blogspot

Until then....

January 1st-  23rd Annual New Years Run 11 am
Lincoln Park- Stockton Drive and Lasalle
Enjoy an amazing new year day run through beautiful Lincoln Park.

January 18th through the 20th -Chicago Cubs Convention
Hilton Chicago Friday 5 pm; saturday and sunday 9am
Could there be a more devoted fan than a chicago Cubbie??
for more info 773-404-CUB 

January 19th through March 16th- A Fairy Tale Life
The Emerald Theater 773-935-6100
Thursday and Friday 10:15 am, Saturday and Sunday 1 pm
Perfect for the kids. A performance with elements of Hans Christian Anderson's childhood and his famous stories including The Nightengale and Thumbelina.

January 25th through 27th Sox Fest
Palmer House Hilton Friday 4-9pm; Sat and Sun 9-3 pm
For more indo 312-674-1000
Ok here is the fan as dedicated than a  Chicago C__ -cant even mention the name here!

January Home Maintenance

Fire, smoke and Carbon monoxide detectors- Change batteries and test ( I recommend doing this minimally 2X per year and suggest doing so when we adjust the clock for fall and spring )

Roof and Gutters- Check for ice damning and keep downspots extended

Furnace and Humidifiers- Lubricate fan, motor, pumps as needed ( the furnace and humidifier should have been cleaned and serviced prior to the heating season). Maintain appropriate humidity for the season.

Washing machine and Dryer- Check hoses and screens. Keep dryer filter clean and lint free, cleaning after every use.

Fireplace- Keep the flue closed when not in use to save on heat expense. Don't let the heat escape up the chimney!