Costs Associated with The Purchase of Your Home 

As the Purchaser you may be responsible for the following costs:

Attorney's Fees $400-$700
Property Inspection $250-$400
Lead Paint Inspection (optional) $200-$350
City of Chicago Transfer Tax (Stamps)    $7.50 per $1000 of purchase price.
Settlement or Escrow Closing Fee $175 up to $100,000 plus $0.50 
Paid to title company to handle closing
for every additional $1,000.
Costs Associated with Lender
Loan Application (& Appraisal) $250-$400
Closing Points or Loan Origination Fee 1-3% of Loan (optional)
Private Mortgage Insurance Required if loan is less than 80% of purchase price.
Underwriting Fee $250-$500
Document Preparation or Recording Fee $100-$150
Flood Certification Fee  $20-$40
Lender's Title Insurance Policy $150-$400
Tax Service Fee (if held in escrow) $50-$100
Reserve Fund for Tax Escrow 2-7 months pre-paid real estate taxes
(may be received as credit from seller).